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    Perspex® Cast Acrylic is a consistent, high quality, durable material and the first choice for quality signs and advertising material the world over.

    Below is standard sizes we sell online. Please contact us for customised sizes and ideas.

    It is ideal for an extensive range of applications including router or laser cutting sign components; screen printing; digital printing; spray painting; the application of self-adhesive vinyl films; flatbed printing; LED displays, lightboxes and illuminated signs. It’s also suitable for reverse printing on wall-mounted signs; 3D fabricated letters and designs; POS and shop front displays and shelves. Perspex® Cast Acrylic is available in clears, tints, opals and a wide range of colours, finishes and thicknesses.

    3mm Perspex with cut out letter or vinyl graphics can be mounted flush to a wall surface or with beautiful aluminium spacer dependent on your requirements. Great for outdoor applications due to its durability
    For the Geeks

    Exceptional light transmission with no inherent edge colour
    Excellent resistance to outdoor weathering
    High gloss, hard surface
    Good thermoformability
    Easy to clean
    UV Stability
    17 x stronger than glass
    Fire retardant thermal properties ensure burning
    Perspex® Cast Acrylic produces little smoke and does not promote the spread of fire. Cast Acrylic Fire Rating: Class 3
    Low density, making it lightweight and economical
    Can be cold bent within certain limits
    Fully recyclable
    Suitable for engraving and profile cutting