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    Fabricated Letters are custom made to shape according to your design and size requirements, hence there are no online order products. Please email us your enquiry at or call us on 079 4922702

    Fabricated letters are 3D letters made from Perspex / Acrylic material. This product is a high end, luxurious product, enhancing your brands appeal to the public.

    Fabricated letters can be illuminated or non illuminated. Our letters are illuminated with a the latest LED technology. LED technology is a green product compared to neon tubing used years ago. Since the advent of LED lighting technology, channel letters have become thinner in depth, decreasing to as shallow as 2″ to 3″

    We manufacture 3 different types of standard fabricated letters namely;

    • Standard Front-Lit,
    • Reverse Halo-Lit (backlit)
    • Front/Back Lit (2 in 1).

    Standard Front Lit Letter  – standard channel letter is fabricated from Perspex.  A flat sheet of translucent Perspex is cut on a cnc / laser machine for the face of the letter and the backing of the letter from acm sheeting. The sides of the channel letter, called the returns, are then formed by bending 3mm Perspex into the letters shape.  The letter are then fitted with LED modules.

    • For the best effect, face colors are usually matched with their closest corresponding LED colour.

    Halo Effect – When fabricated letters or logos are combined with internal illumination, with the face remaining opaque, a halo effect is created. This allows light to appear from behind the letter creating the effect.

    Front/Back Lit Letters are a combination of the standard fabricated letter and the halo effect, so the letter face is translucent and the back has lighting emitting from it.