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    The most popular outdoor sign on the market, the chromadek sign is a metal plated sign which can be mounted on a 25m square tubing frame or mounted flat against a surface.


    Sheet sizes are 2.45m x 1.225m. Anything bigger needs to be mounted to a frame to house the panels and create a bigger sign. Standard Sheet thickness for signs are 0,5mm – 0,6mm. Panels come in 0,8 or 1,2mm but are mainly used on street signs.

    These signs can be wall mounted or free standing on poles. We always recommend backstays (supports) for larger signs to ensure that they are sturdy and don’t blow over. We use a minimum pole size of 76mm to ensure strength in the structure and plant the free standing sign poles at least 1m deep.

    The chromadek face can be pop riveted to the frame on the front of the sign, or the chromadek can be pan folded over the frame and pop riveted on the side. This is a neater approach to this sign type but a bit more costly then a standard face pop riveted on the front.

    Dependent on our clients artwork, we either digitally print the graphic or use pre-pigmented vinyl graphics. When using digitally printed graphics, we strongly suggest a UV coating for the print to ensure longevity.