Why your business should use Point-Of-Sale marketing products!

We have all been in a checkout line at LeRoy Merlins or Woolworths and I am sure we have all made an impulse purchase from the nicely displayed shelves that line the aisles.


Point of sale (POS) marketing Is the efforts made to increase sales at the point the purchase is made. Primary locations for POS would be a till, meeting tables, end of aisles, store entrances and even on your virtual shop. Point of sale marketing is used to entice customers to make a last-minute impulse purchase. These display units are placed in strategic high-traffic locations and create increased brand awareness and sales. Eye catching graphics, clever brand messages and placement of Point of Sale materials help convert sales on products that might not necessarily be needed at that point.

Various  point of sale products can be used to deliver different campaigns. Retailers must have a goal for their campaign to ensure they can measure their results against it. Do they want to highlight a product line, serve seasonal interests, move overstocked items or increase visibility of new items?

Typical POS Displays available include

  • counter displays
  • floor displays
  • shelf talkers
  • posters
  • video and digital signage
  • danglers
  • leaflets and dispensers
  • wobblers

So, why should you use Point of Sale displays in your marketing efforts?

Higher adoption of online shopping and pre-shopping online research by customers have increased the significance of window displays as the most powerful way to drive walk-ins

POS increases your bottom line through impulse purchases.

70% of purchases are made instore due to cleverly positioned POS.

POS disrupts the shoppers journey.

POS can create a buzz instore with regards to product promotions.

It is incredibly cost effective.

It is lightweight and portable and manufactured in such a way that it can accommodate heavier items.

Designed for ease of assembly

There are several ways to improve your point of sale displays to generate impulse purchases:

  1. Make sure the products on the point of sale displays are convenience goods that are priced cheaply.
  2. Make sure the POS displays are visually exciting.
  3. Incorporate promotions and encourage consumers to take advantage of the deal. “Buy one, get one” free deals are highly effective in generating impulse purchases at the point of sale.

Point of Sale materials are not just accessible to Corporates and big business, but with the current technology, we can manufacture smaller quantities for SME and startups.

Most point of sale materials are made from products that are recyclable and sustainable so your footprint when marketing your product is reduced substantially.

Point of Sale materials are not just accessible to Corporates and big business, but with the current technology, we can manufacture smaller quantities for SME and startups.

Our Esko Kongsberg X is a digital CAD cutting table which comes with a range of specialty tools that offer speed, power and flexibility to handle a wide variety of materials including corrugated, folding carton, solid board, foam, wood, long list of plastics… which can be cut, routed and creased with perfect results making this machine is ideal for custom point-of-sale displays, signage and packaging production. Delivering perfect quality.

In conclusion, Point of Sale displays are an indispensable part of any retail marketing. They are strategically positioned to leverage all the available advantages in a retail environment for a minimal cost. Ensure you put planning into your marketing message and execution, and we will help you in the design and production of a product that will wow your customers and drive sales!

 This is a great video by a UK based company called Prime Group. Enjoy

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